Dom drama

The “Dom” is a huge seasonal carnival here in Hamburg, and while wandering around aimlessly, with no clear idea of what to photograph, I remembered it. Excellent! Where could be better to shoot than a crazy carnival full of flashing lights and excited people?

What I didn’t know was that a few days earlier, the Dom had ended for the summer. Instead of going home disappointed, I hunted pictures of the carnies packing up. This one lonely stand was still lit up, and the guy on the left wobbled into my frame, and I went home happy.

Dom home

The Hamburger Dom (which has nothing to do with ground beef or deviant sexual behaviour) was officially closed, but I went anyway to see what I could see. This trailer was lit up so strangely I decided to shoot it – technically a pretty boring picture. Just after I pressed the shutter release, this lady stepped out, I punched it again, and she even smiled at me as I lowered by camera.