St. Pauli Didgeridoo

On the way to shoot a portrait for André, I heard the unmistakable but unexpected sound of a didgeridoo. In my street. In St. Pauli. Passing by this yellow alley I saw what can only be called one of our local characters, usually found talking to his or her self (not quite sure) on the street, sitting and playing in a trance of complete concentration.

Let us in?

Usually, if I’m looking for something particular to shoot, I’m oblivious to anything else. Sometimes I’m lucky, and I catch something, like this buttery afternoon light on the bench, out of the corner of my eye. Rarely, I’m even luckier, and two kids bounce into my frame and ring the doorbell on their tiptoes.

Dom drama

The “Dom” is a huge seasonal carnival here in Hamburg, and while wandering around aimlessly, with no clear idea of what to photograph, I remembered it. Excellent! Where could be better to shoot than a crazy carnival full of flashing lights and excited people?

What I didn’t know was that a few days earlier, the Dom had ended for the summer. Instead of going home disappointed, I hunted pictures of the carnies packing up. This one lonely stand was still lit up, and the guy on the left wobbled into my frame, and I went home happy.

Dom home

The Hamburger Dom (which has nothing to do with ground beef or deviant sexual behaviour) was officially closed, but I went anyway to see what I could see. This trailer was lit up so strangely I decided to shoot it – technically a pretty boring picture. Just after I pressed the shutter release, this lady stepped out, I punched it again, and she even smiled at me as I lowered by camera.