The nazis never turned up in the Schanze, but a few hundred cops certainly did. And while they were there in numbers, things stayed pretty relaxed. Once half of them and a few of their water cannon tanks pulled out, things got a little rough, with a couple injuries and a few piles of paper set on fire, but the stories are a little unclear and I didn’t stick around to see it.

Schulterblatt Friday Night

If there’s a heart of the leftie, socialist crowd in Northern Germany, it’s here, an area called the Schanze. It’s also full of nice cafés, bars and restaurants, and on a Friday night like tonight, it’s full of pretty young things enjoying themselves.

Tomorrow, although the government has banned it, there will probably be a demonstration by the far right: the “day of the patriots.” In the middle of leftie land. And not peace and love hippie lefties, rather the kind that throw bricks at the police for fun. My neighbours.

We’ll see how it looks tomorrow.