Mohammed is one of the smartest and funniest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet recently. He’s an English teacher, a father of four, and a Syrian refugee. Maintaining his cheer, curiosity and openness is an admirable feat, after travelling four months to Germany with wife and kids, and waiting ten months here to start German lessons and truly begin his new life.

He’s working on understanding German culture, and trying to pass on some of it to his fellow refugees, to help them through their culture shock, adjust their ideas of what’s right and wrong, and keep them from making embarrassing, if not dangerous, mistakes.

An XT1 and Me

It’s a pleasure to go somewhere you know no one and discover a new friend with the same passion as you. Bartosz is not only a hilarious guy I greatly enjoyed getting to know, he’s also a fan of Fujifilm cameras like myself. This is probably cheating, since he made this of me with my camera (while I was photographing him with his camera), but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.