What is 35mm 365?

It’s no revelation that to get get really good something, you have to do it, really do it, and do it a lot.

With this in mind, I loved Mike Johnston’s “one camera, one lens, one year” project suggestion as soon as I read it, and 35mm 365 is part of that.

Here’s how it works:

Pick one camera.

For me it’s the Fujifilm X100T. Small, light, excellent performance in all kinds of light, with a physical interface that works the way I think and gets out of the way of me taking pictures. I bought it in June 2015 with this project in mind, and if it was a woman, we’d be married already.

Pick one lens.

Easy for me – the X100T only has one lens, and it can’t be removed. It’s a 23mm, which is the equivalent of 35mm on a full frame sensor or film, so it’s a little, but not too wide.

Shoot every day for at least 5 minutes.

This is the main challenge for me, and the only part of it all that I’m strict about. Even if I don’t manage to post here or on Facebook every day, as long as I shoot, I’m happy.

Print (and post) the best photos regularly.

A good printer is expensive, and online labs are so good and so cheap, that I send a batch off to Aldi about once a week and hang a month’s worth on the wall in my room. Other than that I post here daily, but won’t be whipping myself if I occasionally miss a day. As I said above, the point is the shooting, not the blog. I’m also pushing myself to edit more selectively, so the goal is to only pick one picture a day, but occasionally two make it through.

Do it for a year.

The other big challenge.

Do the work, stick with it, and no matter what else is going on, don’t give up.

So who am I?

Matt Balara is my name, and I’m an American/Australian living in Hamburg, Germany. I design software for a living and photograph in my free time. You can also find me on Instagram, and I post all of my 35mm 365 pictures on Facebook too.